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Tunde Olaniran - Brown Boy

Release Info:
Catalog Number: QSR-044
Release Date: January 28th, 2014
Package Format: Digital
Release Type: Single
Artist Links:
  Track List:
1.  Brown Boy
2.  Brown Boy (Revoir Remix)
3.  Brown Boy (Killing Time Remix)
4.  Brown Boy (Ancient Language Remix)
5.  Brown Boy (Jon Zott Remix)

Release Bio:
A mix of cultural bite, androgynous aesthetic, and a wildly impressive musical faculty combine to make Flint, MI's Tunde Olaniran one of the more captivating American musicians putting his stamp on today's artistic landscape. Having lived various portions of his life in Nigeria, Germany, England and the United States, his unique take on Afrofuturism seamlessly blends the progressive ideals of pioneers such as Sun Ra and George Clinton with a modern production style all his own. Frenetic trap beats, soaring vocal prowess and playfully conscious verses all combine for a stunning end-product: an output that is as entertaining as it is enlightened.

His magnetic presence as a performer as well as songwriter has garnered him accolades as an "avant-garde genius" (MTV) and an artist who "stands out amongst a crowd of hip-hip, electro and indie scenes" (Examiner), leading to the release of some of his most in-depth and provocative work yet.