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Frontier Ruckus - Careening Catalog Immemorial

Release Info:
Catalog Number: QSR-037
Release Date: November 27th, 2012
Package Format: Digital
Release Type: Single
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  Track List:

1.  Careening Catalog Immemorial (90s Carpool Version)

2.  Careening Catalog Immemorial (Album Version)

Release Bio:
The first single off of 'Eternity of Dimming', Careening Catalog Immemorial chronicles an intense 90s personal mythology.

Ignoring the cliched trappings of antiqued rural fetish that seem to make tired the modern folk movement, and the urban love-fest which holds the majority of indie-culture enwrapped, Careening Catalog Immemorial instead celebrates and insulates itself within a world that is obsessively suburban— childhoods realistic and recent enough to remain vividly smoldering with memory.

The world of oversized 90s obsolescence, pinning down weighty love and familial weirdness—elephantine copy machines in the home offices of the briefly affluent parents of grade-school friends, VHS cassettes rotting sun-bleached on early bedroom shelves, tragic birthday parties, aggressive soccer coaches, grandmothers' oxygen tanks and daytime-TV-time crosswords, porn stashes found behind Taco Bells.