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FAWNN - Coastlines

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Release Info:
Catalog Number: QSR-032
Release Date: June 12th, 2012
Package Format: CD/Vinyl/Digital
Release Type: Full Length
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  Track List:

1.  All The Lights

2.  Hurricane Fire

3.  It's Never Over

4.  Break It Off

5.  No Wave

6.  Suicide

7.  The Forest

8.  Pennies

9.  Pixels

10.  Cobra On The Beach

Release Bio:
Coastlines as an album, is not dissimilar to that connecting place on the shore where water meets land - you can't bear to leave, and don't want to. It is indie pop with a definitive rock tinge that tips a hat ever so slightly to Detroit's past in the rear view mirror, but propels you along by offering up the hyper-realism of what ultimately can be. There is obvious power being delivered via raucous guitars, but this is in no way a re-hash of the Detroit scene that once was, rather a gas-pedaled peel into the modern era of what Detroit should (and does) sound like now. Just as the past few decades have made Detroit a place where you can meld, mold, and make new art, and do it the way you want. Instead, it begs questions like "What do we have?, What's here to work with?, and How do we make tomorrow morning better than today?"

"Pixels" is an energetic romp on the disintegration of connections, via the medium of pixellation. Things spread apart and tear into such small pieces that they are no longer recognizable as a whole… and though the painting may be there in the whole, when you zoom in, things "Go on, go on, breaking apart…" until you hit a certain point.

From the angular methodology of "It's Never Over" and "Suicide" to the record's energy-fueled openers and closers "All the Lights" and "Cobra on the Beach", alongside the lower-geared foils of "No Wave" and "Forests", Coastlines is a journey you'll want to take thru Detroit's future with FAWN as your guide.