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Diego And The Dissidents - Contaminated Waters

Release Info:
Catalog Number: QSR-019
Release Date: October 26th, 2010
Package Format: CD/Digital
Release Type: Full Length
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  Track List:
1.  Embarkment
2.  Take Back The Power
3.  Apraisal
4.  Contaminated Waters Pt. 4
5.  Sugar Coated Martyr
6.  Broken Stones
7.  Contaminated Waters Pt. 3
8.  Southern Lights
9.  Transient
10.  Nerve Storm
11.  New Found Land
12.  Bomb On Board
13.  The Sea
14.  Chemical Rain
15.  Contaminated Waters Pt. 2
16.  Attack Attack!
17.  Dissident Theme
18.  Silver Revolver
19.  Explosions
20.  Contaminated Waters Pt. 1/Lost At Sea

Release Bio:
Contaminated Waters features the track 'Contaminated Waters Part 4', which was included in the recent Banksy film 'Exit Through The Giftshop'.

The band consists of Bristol producer Scott Hendy, a creative DJ and producer with years of experience behind him, and Venezuela native Diego Martinez, a mysterious multi instrumentalist. Having met through mutual friends and sharing a love of both 60s psych, hip hop and 70's failed pop, they decided to collaborate and record music, initially with no plan of bigger things.

Unfortunately Diego had to head back to Venezuela suddenly in 2009 for family reasons. Having left Scott with all the sound files, he went about messing with hour's worth of sessions to slice together this cut up instrumental gem of an album.

The album can be compared to listening to the encyclopaedia of contemporary music, covering various genres of music from golden era hip-hop to rock, via revered break beats, dub, and classic guitar riffs. The overall result is an intriguing musical journey, that twists and turns, when you least expect it and you could while away the hours naming the musical references.