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Drunken Barn Dance - Isle Royale

Release Info:
Catalog Number: QSR-035
Release Date: September 4th, 2012
Package Format: Digital
Release Type: EP
Artist Links:
  Track List:

1.  A Failing Glow

2.  Promises End

3.  Kaizen (MI)

4.  Low, Probably

Release Bio:
Isle Royale is the first in a tryptich of EPs, conceived by Drunken Barn Dance. Remaining true to fans’ most oft repeated description of the band – “John Darnielle fronting Crazy Horse instead of Neil Young” – Isle Royale includes the rapid fire vocal delivery, the warm, snaking guitar duels, and the tightly packed allegories that have inspired press and twitter fans alike to suggest that DBD founder Scott Sellwood (Saturday Looks Good To Me, David Dondero) is the Michigan scene's poet laureate. Strong words, but well deserved.

The second installment, Sequoia, adopts the most hushed DBD tone to date, with Sellwood plying folk musings influenced by stints in tiny NYC apartments, playing nylon-stringed beater guitars.

The third EP is, frankly, undetermined. Why? It is unrecorded. And neither the band nor label can predict which songs will survives Sellwood's strict recording protocols. Is anyone nervous? No.