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Lipstick Jodi - Notice (Now, Now Remix)

Release Info:
Catalog Number: QSR-065dig4
Release Date: April 8th, 2021
Package Format: Digital
Release Type: Single
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  Track List:
1.  Notice (Now, Now Remix)

Release Bio:
The Now, Now remix of "Notice" is quite the reinvention, recasting the electronic dramatics of the original as a visceral dance tune. Whereas the original begins slowly, languishing on crescendoing synth chords before building to an imposing rock odyssey, the remix launches forward in high gear from the start. The previously elongated synth chords are compressed into an upbeat rush while the song introduces itself with a driving dance rhythm. From there on the track only gets more frenetic, transforming the song into a compulsively danceable electronica track, complete with a towering beat drop.

Morehouse says of the remix, "We absolutely love the spin Now, Now took with their remix of 'Notice' and are stoked to share it. The original version of the song carries an 'it's quiet, too quiet' energy, so I was really excited to hear how another artist would interpret it. Cacie and Brad threw it into high gear by bringing the alarming feeling at the heart of the song, to the surface, in tempo and textures. Their album 'Saved' was one of my main spins while writing 'More Like Me', and one of the albums Andy, Connor, and I bonded over when we first started playing and writing together. So it's really a dream having them do this remix."

by Caleb Campbell - Under The Radar Magazine