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Hollow & Akimbo - Singularity

Release Info:
Catalog Number: QSR-041
Release Date: January 28th, 2014
Package Format: Digital
Release Type: Single
Artist Links:
  Track List:

1.  Singularity

2.  Singularity (Com Truise Remix)

3.  Singularity (Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. Remix)

4.  Singularity (Osborne Remix)

5.  Singularity (Radio Edit)

Release Bio:
The first single from Hollow & Akimbo's forthcoming self-titled full-length out in February of 2014, “Singularity” is an aptly-titled, shining example of the type of refined and unique indie-pop the duo is becoming known for. From the sullen and slow bridges to the boisterous multilayered choruses, cut by shimmering guitars and a head-bobbing rhythm, Hollow & Akimbo have honed in on a rare breed of dynamism all their own.

Backed with remixes by Com Truise, Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr., and Osborne (as well as a shortened Radio Edit for you music directors out there), Singularity comes bearing gifts for all. Each remixer lending their signature touch to Hollow & Akimbo's original - the entire track listing plays out like an entire night of partying condensed into twenty-six minutes of highs, lows, spontaneous dancing, spilled drinks, and one hazy cab ride home.