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♥     QuiSci Valentine's Day Playlist     ♥

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! It's that time a year when everyone and their second cousin gets all lovey-dovey, and/or red with spite and indifference... it's a polarizing holiday to say the least. Anyway, we here at QuiSci, along with our artists, wanted to put together a little love note of our own for all of you! We hope you enjoy the playlist! XOXO - QuiSci.
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Matthew Milia (Frontier Ruckus)
Simeon's Dilemma by WHY?     
  There's really no purer expression of love than obsessive and infatuated stalking. The belief a strange new love will save you.

Please Let Me Wonder by The Beach Boys     
  One of the sweetest songs of desperation. It'd be better to have the illusion and hope. Please don't take it away! You'd be able to hear the yearning in the chord changes alone.

The Saddest Story Ever Told by The Magnetic Fields     
  The irretrievable heaven of summer love past. Nothing sadder.

Ryan McCarthy (Stepdad)
When I'm With You by Sparks     
  Probably my favorite love song.

Livin' In Your Love by Eugene     
Not The Loving Kind by The Twins     

Brian Peters (QuiSci)
Goddamn Your Fingers by Choir of Young Believers     
  Goddamn! This song tugs at the heart strings every time I hear it. It's a cover, the original being by First Floor Power, but in my opinion the cover is way better.

Centerpiece by Lambert, Hendricks & Ross     
  Uncork bottle of wine. Pour two glasses. Turn on this song. Poof! You're now the most debonair person in the world.

In The Aeroplane Over The Sea by Neutral Milk Hotel     
  This song requires no commentary.

Scott Sellwood (Drunken Barn Dance)
A Little Lost by Arthur Russell
  I'm lost at sea without you.

Don't Say Nothing Bad (About My Baby) by The Cookies     
  So you're not that cute and only sorta cool, but I get you.

Our Love Will Still Be There by The Troggs
  Unyielding, undying, and totally rocking, love.

Christian Doble (FAWN)
My Funny Valentine by Chet Baker     
  I mean come on. This is like a must right?!?!

I Want Your Sex (Parts 1 & 2) by George Michael     
  That's right not the version you hear on the radio - but the 9 minute long remastered version. Make the love last a little longer!

Darlin' by The Beach Boys     
  Carl Wilson didn't get to take the lead vocal all that often - so this one goes out to the memory of Carl, good job buddy, we miss you.

Jeremy Peters (QuiSci)
A small list of songs for the current, or recently single. If you've been burned or left wondering "What the..." after a relationship, Valentine's Day can be a bit of a dread. Here's a few songs that have gone thru it before you -- so at least you're in good company. ☺

Just Ain't Gunna Work Out by Mayer Hawthorne     
Skinny Love by Bon Iver     
Arcadia by Apparat     

Ben Collins (Lightning Love)
Sunny by Bobby Hebb     
  So smooth. Sexy key changes to boot.

Dance Me To The End Of Love by Leonard Cohen     
  This song is incredibly romantic. Best listened to with hair parted center, mustache waxed and rose in mouth. Might scare off that special someone, so make sure you have their home address in advance ☺.

Pretty Mary K (Other Version) by Elliott Smith     
  The classic tale of a young man who falls for a prostitute, only to have his hopes dashed. Perfect for those whose former flames are off with "some little boy in blue," or for all you ladies down by the dock, money "tucked down in your sock."

Justin Spindler (QuiSci)
Blonde on Blonde by Nada Surf     
Seeing Other People by Belle & Sebastian     
Ever Fallen In Love (With Someone You Shouldn't've)? by Buzzcocks