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Drunken Barn Dance:


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Big Bend
Format: Digital

Format: Digital

Isle Royale
Format: Digital

Grey Buried
Format: CD/Digital

Drunken Barn Dance
Format: Digital
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Drunken Barn Dance is the stinging, fuzz-folk creation of Scott Sellwood, a long-time member of Fred Thomas' Saturday Looks Good to Me. Sellwood has crafted a sparse, yet tuneful universe frequented by the disowned, the disoriented and the devil herself.

There are four rules when it comes to Drunken Barn Dance record making credo:

A) Everything must be recorded live.

B) If the band can't nail a song in 2-3 takes, the song disappears from the recorded catalog forever (but may be played live – no rules against that).

C) Due to bleed concerns for final mixing, vocals are added later, but with the same constraints as above. Three strikes and you're out.

D) True to the band's name, adult beverages are mandatory in every phase of the process.